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Toddlers Transport Focus August 2017

Dear Parents

The children have engaged a great deal in our last focus ‘under the sea’ and have shown this through the progress they have made in relation to the seven areas of Learning and Development. The group have enjoyed exploring different activities such as; developing friendships and playing cooperatively together whilst interacting in a small group of children, exploring various tactile activities, and exploring the texture of seaweed using tweezers to pick out of a container.

Recently Toddlers have shown a great interest towards playing with and exploring cars with the garages and several times chosen this activity to play with and pulled the box out to indicate they want it. They have also shown an interest in the top garden and the cars; Toddlers love roleplaying looking at the shop visuals against the fence and driving around the road.
Due to them showing an interest in this we have now decided that our next focus is going to be ‘Transport’. The children will be taking part in fun and creative activities each week relating to our focus. We will be creating a display all about transport in the room and we will also be taking some lovely snap shots of your children and placing them on the display with their wonderful artwork.

We have attached a list of activities which link into the seven areas of learning and development of the Early Years Foundation Stage, helping the children achieve specific learning intentions and some ideas for you to support your child at home, to extend their learning. We are always happy to see what you have been doing at home, so please send us your home activities so we can display them in the corridor please!

Book of the Month
The children have loved our previous book of the month which was ‘Don’t call me sweet’. They loved getting involved and hands on in messy, gooey monster tactiles and exploring through sensory play. Our new book of the month is going to be ‘There’s an ouch in my pouch’ which the children love listening to and even joining in with the story.

Family Books
Please can I ask again for all parents to bring in family photos if your child has not yet had a family book created? The children express a great deal of joy when looking through their family books and it supports your child’s Personal, Social and Emotional Development. If you are unsure as to what photos you need or would like further information, please do not hesitate to approach myself or your child’s Key Person, as we are more than happy to help you with this.

Bedtime Library
Parents can I please remind you about our Bed Time Story Library? Reading to your child is a big part of their progress and development. All books can be accessed outside the office; please remember to get a member of staff within the nursery to sign the book in and out, this is so we can keep track of the books.

Staff Recognition
Please can I remind all parents that we have a staff recognition board displayed in the corridor, which you can all contribute to if you wish? This can be for your child’s Key Person or any member of staff that you feel should be recognised for what they have done or helped you or your child in any way. Please find a slip attached or on the staff recognition board.

Feedback at the end of your child’s session
The nursery closes at 6:00pm, if you would like full feedback on what your child has done during their session at nursery, please arrive for 5:50pm or 5:45pm if you have more than one child in the nursery. Please don’t be offended if you turn up after this time and the staff do not give you full feedback.

Learning Journeys
Please can I remind parents to return their child’s Learning Journey within one week of receiving it, this is so the staff can continue with your child’s learning and development. Please complete the footsteps at the back of your child’s Learning Journey with their interests from home.
Don’t forget you can also highlight the development matters statements in the back of your child’s Learning Journey with an orange highlighter. Please also email the pictures of your child completing the statements for us to display them on our corridor display.

Dates for your Diary

W/C 25th September – Harvest festival!
During this week we will be collecting donations for St Peters Church to take to a food bank. Please refer to the recent letter for more information.

Kind Regards

Demi Hudson
Toddlers Key Person

Personal, Social and Emotional Development:

We will be encouraging the children to work together and make tracks outdoors with the wooden blocks and then incorporate this into a ride of their choice e.g. train, bus, car or aeroplane.
Whilst at home, talk to your child about road safety, what we wear whilst we are in a car (seatbelts, car seats).

Communication and Language:

We will be teaching the children some new transport songs to sing.

Please find attached the songs we aim to be singing with the children so you can practice at home.

Physical Development:

We will be encouraging the children during outside time to build their own boats out of the big wooden blocks. This will further their imagination skills, allowing them to roleplay with one another whilst being physical.
You could support your child with this at home by getting them to talk about the different types of water transport we have or even getting them to draw a picture of the different types that they have thought of.

Literacy: We will be making a book of the children’s cars to keep in our book corner. This will engage the children in looking at books as it will be personal to them. Please could you send us your photos so we can put our book together?

HA: You could visit your local library with your child and find some books about transport as well as using our bedtime story library.

Mathematics: We will be having a selection of diggers including big and small ones, and adding them into different sized boxes and helping them to recognise how many cars they can fit into each box whether it be small or large.

HA: You could look outside of your window and count how many cars you may see on your street parked up or how many cars drive by your house if you live near a road!

Understanding the World: We will be taking the children on short trips/ walks through the neighbourhood and talking to the children about the different types of transport we can see on the way, the colour of the vehicles and counting how many they seen on the way.

HA: How about taking a trip on a bus, train, boat or other form of transport, take some photos and send them in to us

Expressive Arts and Design: We will be gathering the chairs in the room and getting the children to form a bus out of them, we will then sing the wheels on the bus and roleplay as conductors with the children. We will also be creating marks with real car tyres on large pieces of paper

HA: At home you could do a painting activity with your child and get them to mark with any toy cars they may have at home.

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