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Tweenies All About Me Focus August 2017

Dear Parents

The children have engaged a great deal in our latest focus ‘Spring/Summer’ and have shown this through the progress they have made in relation to the seven areas of Learning and Development and their enjoyment of the activities we provided. The group have enjoyed exploring different activities such as spring tactile using soil, different flowers and plant pots to plant their own flowers and summer role play with swimming costumes, buckets and spades.

Tweenies have recently been really engaged with looking within their own family books, sharing their family books and encouraging others to look at pictures of their family too. Since Tweenies have taken a great interest in their family books, and whilst it is the summer holidays, it will be nice to see what holidays or days out Tweenies children will be going on with their families. Therefore, we are changing the focus to ‘Me and My Family’. We will be creating a me and my Family display in the room and we will also be adding family photos to the board, so you are welcome to send any family photos in.

We have attached a list of activities which link to the seven areas of learning and development of the Early Years Foundation Stage, helping the children achieve specific learning intentions and some ideas for you to support your child at home, to extend their learning. We are always happy to see what you have been doing at home, so please send us your home activities so we can display them in the corridor.

Tweenies Daily Sheets – We have been trialling the green and red highlighting to see what your child has been eating during meal times. We have now added activities to the back of the daily sheets, explaining what your child has been engaged in during their session at nursery. This includes outdoor activities, the focus or creative activity and what stories we have read in the book corner. Please let us know what you think to the new style sheets.

Book of the Month
The children have loved our previous book of the month which was ‘Maisy goes on holiday’. All the children loved getting creative and making pictures of shells, ice-creams and beaches to go up on the display. Due to our focus being ‘Me and my Family’ and recently the children have loved reading stories that have lots of numbers in, our new book of the month is going to be ‘Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes’.

Family Books
Even though we have lots of children’s family books, there are still some children who do not have one and as this will play a big part in our next focus we would appreciate some photos of family members so your child can relate to this focus.

Absences from nursery
If you are going on holiday or your child is not going to be in for their session, please could you let us know by 10:00am each day for a full or morning session and by 2:00pm for an afternoon session, thank you. This is so we can plan our ratios and any dietary requirements.

Bedtime & Parent’s Information Libraries
We would like to invite you to make use of bedtime story and information libraries located at the top of the corridor. You may borrow a book or story sack for up to 2 weeks. The bedtime story books and sacks are a good way of getting your child to engage in reading and also promotes a good bedtime routine.
Our information library has useful information on relevant children’s issues such as behaviour and eating.

Staff Recognition
With it being the start of a new month, our staff recognition board is looking a little bare! Please find a slip attached to this letter if you would like to fill our board with lovely comments about our staff 

Children’s bags and pegs
Please can we request that all children bring a small back pack with a change of clothing and up to 6 nappies for the day? Please do not store nappy sacks, plastic bags or medicines in your child’s bag.

Dates for your Diary
Wednesday 16th August 2017 – Healthy Day – We aim to make this a fun day around being healthy. We have planned fruit tasting, making smoothies, an obstacle course and lots of fun exercise. Your child can wear their sporty clothes on the day.
September 2017 – Harvest Festival – We will be accepting donations of items to take to St Peter’s Church during Harvest festival. We will send out information on the donations you can give nearer the time.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

Kind Regards

Zoë Slaney
Tweenies Room Leader

Personal, Social and Emotional Development:

The children can engage in our small world activity - the doll’s house and little people which will promote role-playing family life, for example, putting the little people to bed and washing the baby etc. We will also be encouraging the children to use single words such as, ‘Mummy’, ‘Daddy’, ‘Sister.’

Look in the mirror with your child and learn different facial features and body parts and encourage them to label your features too. You can also pull faces to make children aware of emotions.

Communication and Language:

We will be singing body songs such as ‘Head, shoulders, knees, and toes’ and ‘Tommy thumb’ and encouraging the children to join in with the different movements using their whole bodies and also familiarising the children with single words used in the rhymes and songs. We will also be exploring body percussion and what noises we can make with our hands, feet, mouth, etc.

Please find attached a list of body songs and movements you can do at home.

Physical Development:

We will provide a variety of gross motor activities to encourage the children to move their bodies in different ways using the ball pool, floor dominoes, wooden blocks, pom poms and other resources.

Encourage your child to help at home with daily activities that Mummy and Daddy do such as sweeping, pouring and putting clothes in the washing machine.

Literacy: Please bring in your child’s favourite book from home to share with their friends during story time. We aim to do this activity during the week commencing 11th September, so please could you bring it in throughout this week.

HA: You could look through our Bedtime Story Library for books about families or take a trip to your local library to see what books they have available about ourselves and families.

Mathematics: We will take pictures of the staff and children’s faces in Tweenies and cut it into four pieces to create a jigsaw for the children to attempt to fit together.

HA: Why not do family hand and footprints talking about the different sizes – if you do it on a canvas it would make a nice piece of art work for your walls at home!

Understanding the World: The children can act out what they see at home as we will be making a kitchen role-play corner for the children to engage in; they can pretend to make cups of tea, flip pancakes in the frying pan and wash the dishes as well as pretending to do other kitchen duties.

HA: Why not take a trip down memory lane and look back through family photo albums of when your child was a baby and also look for other family members.

Expressive Arts and Design: Please bring in your child’s favourite music from home for them to dance and sing along to with their friends

HA: Use Mummy’s, Daddy’s and family members’ clothes to dress up and role play in e.g. Daddy’s shirt, Mummy’s hat, Grandma’s slippers

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